About Us

We are an IT solutions and services provider with presence in U.S and India helping customers in their Digital Transformation journey. We aim to add value to customers by aiding transformation initiatives through modern solutions and technology.

Our consultants have diverse industry experience such as Oil and Gas, Communications, Media and Entertainment, Energy, Retail, Financial Services, Non-profits etc. As a technology solutions provider our Digital Transformation solutions leverage technologies such as Data science (AI and ML), Automation (RPA and BPR), Cloud (AWS and Azure), Responsive Apps (Angular, React etc.), Native Apps, Analytics and Visualization.

As a partner, we provide 360-degree solution coverage by complementing our technology capabilities with services such as Infra Services, Digital Marketing, and Support Services. We provide these services as a unique service as well as a suite of services. These capabilities help us look at an enterprise as a whole and in parts thus catering to both dimensions.

Our Infra Services cover diverse areas such as Cloud IAAS (AWS and Azure), Office 365, Microsoft Teams Cloud Calling, DevOps, BCP and Information Security.

Our Digital Marketing experts are experienced in areas like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Paid Campaigns, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Our Support Services offer a variety of services such as Managed Services to Enterprises, Sales and Marketing Support to Small and Medium Enterprises.

As an organization that values IP and adding value to our customers through our IP, we are constantly augmenting our repository of Frameworks.