Frameworks for Reusability, and quicker GTM

Frameworks offer advantages such as reusability, quicker GoToMarket (GTM), ability to leverage industry standards, design principles, avoid reinventing solution for a common business problem etc.

Frameworks are of various types: process based, technology based, component based, industry focused, business function focused etc. Our Frameworks add value to customers by aiding transformation initiatives through modern solutions and technology.

Our consultants have diverse industry experience such as Oil and Gas, Communications, Media and Entertainment, Energy, Retail, Financial Services, Non-profits etc. Our consultants have contributed immensely to our repository of industry and business function-based frameworks.

As a technology solutions provider our technology team has created Frameworks on technologies such as Data science (AI and ML), Automation (RPA and BPR), Cloud (AWS and Azure), Responsive Apps (Angular, React etc.), Native Apps, Analytics and Visualization.

Our Frameworks provide us a head start in starting engagements and help us avoid reinventing solutions for common business problems. Through our frameworks, we help our customers achieve quicker GoToMarket (GTM) for their business needs.

As an organization that values IP and adding value to our customers through our IP, we are constantly augmenting our repository of Frameworks.