Data is the new Oil. Huge volumes of data are created everywhere right from any commercial transactions to any connected sensors & devices. Such large volumes of data make it very exhaustive and overwhelming for organizations to make use of and leverage to make informed business decisions. Not just the challenges lie in gathering & centralizing business relevant data, but also in applying the right techniques to unearth the hidden information that can potentially unlock the business opportunities existing or new, understand why the businesses had to be in the current state & what needs to be done to further improve them.

Through our services in advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled data science approach, we help businesses leverage their data to gain market advantage over their competitors. Backed by big data technologies, our AI algorithms would extract accurate insights from data to enable operations improvement, better productivity and improved top-lines besides improving customer experiences of businesses.


We provide innovative, complete end-to-end services Advisory,
Consultancy Services, and Project execution in areas such as

Data Lifecycle Management


Offerings include a well thought out framework driven set of activities such as Data ingestion design, deployment, Governance & Management Warehousing, and Business Intelligence & Analytics:

  • Data Lakes & Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with automated / manual data
    ingestion using Big Data tools such as Apache Kafka, Hadoop, Hive, HBASE,
    Cloudera & Cassandra.
  • Support for already ongoing data science projects involving the tools including
    and not limited to KNIME, Python in Jupyter, Zeppelin, Tensorflow, OpenCV, Scala, H2O.
    AI, SparkML, RapidMiner
  • Business Intelligence (BI): Data Visualization, Reporting and Analytics using
    Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce Tableau & TIBCO Spotfire. Mobile app enablement &
    on-the-go decision support.
  • Advanced expertise in containerization – Kubernetes and Dockers.
  • Migration of data from traditional RDBMS databases to advanced NoSQL databases.